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Born in Belgium, 1974


1992-1997 Studied at the school of fine arts, Belgium.


1992-1994, Toxic adolescence - B/W, 35mm.

1995, Self Portraits, B/W Medium-Format (Work limited at only one print).

1997, Moon Palace - B/W, Medium-Format (Hasselblad).

1998, Become a stranger (France, UK) Color, 35mm.

1999, Toxic adolescence - Color, 35mm.

2000, Works in progress (*), 35mm and Photograms Experiments.

2001, Collective Exhibition, (Atelier Kessels) Brussels.

2001-2009, At sea around the world, writing, and taking pictures.

2009, Toxic Pirates (Book not yet published).

2010, Sarah - First Series in Belgium, france, Spain and Holland, Color 35mm.

2011, A week on board a war ship (England, Color 35mm) and Works in progress (*).

2012, Sarah - Second Series in England, Spain and Austria, Color 35mm.

2013, Collective Exhibition in The Angel Orensanz Foundation, NY.

2013, Sarah, Third Series in Belgium, France, Spain and New York, Color 35mm.


(*)Since 1998, I have differents works in progress (Crushed, East and West Cars, Urban Landscapes, Graffiti's, Self-Portraits, Triptych).


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