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David Vincent

20 years pictures around the world


I come from Belgium, i'm living in Brussels. During my adolescence, I was very influenced by the life and the poetry of Àrthur Rimbaud, by the Serge Gainsbourg's Songs, the Jim Jarmush

and Hal Hartley's movies. And also by the Pop Art.

My present work (25 silver prints pictures selected) is about a young woman, Sarah (comedian). I'm following her around the world. I want to represent the solitude, the nudity, the wandering in the hotels...The silence...And the most important, Take pictures of the privacy! It was very difficult to find a person accepting that!


Other works in progress, "Crushed" - "East and West Cars" - "Self Portraits" and "Triptysh".


Spirituals Fathers, Lee Friedlander, Robert Frank and Jan Fabre.

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